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Patience By: Wevo Lorng



My whole project (The Elysia EP) is to convey a universal message of critical thinking and optimism through any situation in life. Though we are persuaded in media by image, my project is to sound universally pleasing to all ears . The songs will initially sound like they're meant to be sung for love, lust or just for women, but that's the point! I want people to relate to my music however they want to, and use it to their situations so they can get through their days just as my favorite artists helped me the same way.
Patience sounds like it should be about a girl who is testing my loyalty, but I wrote it for my grandmother. I was left to my grandparents (along with my sister) when I was two. My grandmother has been the only image I had to compare any female to. Unfortunately, my grandmother lost her only son when he was a small child. Since I was the first grandson, she raised me as if I was her own child. Because of this, I've always felt like a burden in her life, so expressing how I feel about her has been rather difficult. The only way I could do this is by making Patience.
The intro is me breaking the ice. The first verse is her comfort and her words I take everyday with me. As for the second verse, it's me telling her my credibility I deserve as her grandson. The chorus is me assuring her to still be patient with me even if anything big happens to me. Finally, the final outro / verse of the song is me expressing myself by the music I listen to and finally being who I truly want to be without being scared of not having her acceptance. Though the song has curse words, I use them to fully express myself.
Though my grandmother could be seen as a source of my pain, she's really the only light I have in my life. I've been let down by so many women, including my own flesh and blood, and I've always had resentment towards them. It's not easy for me to keep a relationship between girlfriends or my own mother. But through it all, the only one who keeps their arms open, and a forehead full of my kisses is my grandmother. All I owe her in my life is success and making her proud. Along with my grandfather, she works so hard for all of her children and grandchildren. She's easily the reason why we can't stop loving each other.
It's crazy to think I was performing this song on the street about five months ago on the square in San Marcos. A man walked out of a bar and stopped to hear me sing along with Valerie, my ukulele. Though I was asking for tips for gas and food, he offered me an opportunity to perform at his shows he hosts. Ever since, I've been apart of an amazing creative collective called Off on a Tangent. I would eventually meet Jay Flash, who recorded Patience in his home studio , and many great artists, part of the creative collective, who inspire me today.
To conclude this rather off subject 'description' of Patience, I'd just like to say thank you very much for the time and opportunity. I told myself that if my voice takes me anywhere, I just want my family and friends to be along my side. I work part time at Adidas and all my money goes to food, gas and my music. I hope you enjoy Patience and if it touches your heart, please email me. It's such a joy to hear feedback.

Thank you again,

Your voice,
Victor Garcia, aka Wevo Lorng.

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