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Cover song letting go By: Julie pelz



This song is called letting go by alyssa reid and it took me a while to practise it. I kept trying to practise the piano and sing it and make the sound of the piano just go with my voice and the song. I just couldn't get it to sound the way i wanted it frustrated me. I sat there and was telling myself ok lets just wing this so i started recording myself and played the piano just on how my mood was feeling and i started singing the lyrics and i started getting emotional and cryed as i was singing the song and playing the piano it reminded me of an experience i went through with my ex and thats y i choose the song i felt like i could really feel the song i went through what the lyrics were talking about in the song it was a deep emotional song for me and i think thats y when i started recording it i just winged it. The best is singing songs about ur experience and things u go through its like i can feel the song and the music it feels amazing! As soon as i get on my piano, guitar and sing i feel like it comes natutal like i can feel the music. It's amazing feeling thats why i love that i'm getting back into music again!

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