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4 Wheel Drive By: Chelsea Crites



A song i wrote about summer love , have first time life experiences , breathing in all the great memories that could be made during a summer of beautiful relationships ( this song can be related towards couples , parents , grandparents , best friends) ultimately the message of the song is to enjoy life with who is in your life that you love !

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11 comments on “4 Wheel Drive”

  1. Stephanie Sawyer

    Absolutely love your music! Try to get everyone to listen to some of your shows I’ve recorded

  2. Lenny Comeau

    Amazing Canadian Talent, Chelsea Crites is going to the top of the charts, she’s already a #1 favorite in Ontario.

  3. Jared

    Just attended another awesome show from Chelsea Crites I can’t wait for more from this amazing Canadian country artist.

  4. Charlene Crites

    I think she put all of herself in her music and she is very talented keep up the great work sounding awesome as always

  5. Charlene Crites

    should be 495 not 195 please do something thank you

    • Cliff Dumas

      Hey Marlene, the view count and votes are two separate things. View represents the number of times someone has visited Chelsea’s page. People would then have to vote separately. We just updated the voting. It is now instant, user are allowed one vote per IP address per day. Hope that helps.

  6. Jeanie Bremner

    Chelsea is an amazing Canadian country music future star always love hearing this phenomenal girl sing

  7. Brandi

    It was an absolute pleasure working with Chelsea on Line Dance Choreography for this song. She is a beautiful young lady inside and out…I wish you all the luck in the world Chelsea!

  8. sandra burciul

    wow ! she is amazing and very talented ! and her beauty to add to that amazing voice ..keep it up girl !

  9. Sarah

    Amazing Canadian talent

  10. Lochlann Green

    Chelsea Crites is a wonderful artist and songwriter, I am honored to be helping along in getting her music out there to audiences in more places throughout the US, Canada, and world. I for one am looking forward to seeing her career blossom more and more and wish her all the best!!

    -Lochlann Green

    International Radio DJ/Promoter/Producer of “From Texas And Beyond” on KA-Radio “The Voice Of New Music”

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