In Conversation with Invictus Entertainment Group Founder Jim Cressman

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Cliff talks to Invictus Entertainment Group Founder Jim Cressman about what it takes to break into the music industry

Jim Cressman

Jim Cressman and Carrie Underwood

Jim Cressman is the owner and president of multiple award winning concert promoting firm, artist agency and music management firm – Invictus Entertainment Group, Cressman is also the president of Big Star Recordings a record label jointly ventured with Universal Music Group Canada.

Invictus Entertainment Group is the premier catalyst for merging arts, culture and commerce. A collective of elite experts in the entertainment industry offering an extensive spectrum of services. With over 700 promoted and produced shows yearly, Invictus has forged solid, reliable relationships. These relationships include agencies, management companies, artists and buildings. Invictus boasts the most extensive secondary and tertiary market touring alliance, greatly expanding the North American market base for international touring.

Started in 2011, by Jim Cressman, with the vision to form a one of a kind artist services company – dedicated to facilitating the unconquerable artistic spirit. His past had prepared him for this moment, at 16 he convinced a radio station to allow him to do an on-air shift, later a stint in pro boxing, and by 30 he had convinced the top promoter in Canada to partner with him. Never being one to succumb to a challenge, Cressman developed his 360 model with fervor and evolved his portfolio further by leading Invictus Entertainment into Pollstar’s Top 100 Promoters in the World list.

Why Do You Want A Career in Music? Great Post By Aaron Pritchett

By Cliff Dumas
CMA, ACM & CCMA Winning Broadcaster

If your reason for wanting a career in music is fame and fortune, you should rethink your strategy.

Instead ask, “Do I love making music, and is it my passion?” If your sole purpose for following a career in music is money, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The first rule of successful entrepreneurship is to do what you love and success will follow. I know it’s easy to say but more challenging to implement especially when you have bills to pay. Here is a powerful and insightful Facebook post by Canadian Country artist Aaron Pritchett about why he makes music.

Tamar_Make_Up-Aaron_Pritchett-01FAaron Pritchett

I want to make a public statement that is truly coming from the heart.
I don’t make music to be rich. I don’t make music to be famous, popular or put on a pedestal.
I make music for two reasons:
1.) Because I LOVE making music!
2.) In hopes that fans, friends and family love what I (and my team) have created.
Even back when albums, records or whatever you want to call them, sold millions and made artists, record labels, agents, managers and everyone else in the music industry many MORE millions of dollars, I truly believe that the massive majority of those artists did it because of the same two reasons above. If not the second reason then for SURE the first.

I don’t sit and write songs, spent (and still spend) sometimes endless hours in studio recording, take 2 hours out of my life for a gig and play on a stage exerting all that energy, stress about the success (or lack of success sometimes) about a single or album, deal with all facets of the industry that may frustrate me and emotionally beat the shit out of me BECAUSE I HAVE TO! I do all of that because I LOVE to make music and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to entertain. It’s in my blood, folks. It really, honestly is. I can remember to when I was a very young boy, possibly around 3 or 4 and all I wanted to do was to make people laugh… make them feel good and happy. It’s my duty in life to do that. Music was my avenue to have people feel that way and it makes me feel good that I can help humans feel that. Fans, industry colleagues, family, anyone anywhere. It’s because I LOVE making music and making people happy.

It’s true, the industry is not what it once was when those aforementioned artists, record labels, agents, managers, industry types would all make a great amount of money off the success of a single and record. Nowadays, we get by with about 60% to 70% less income from the sale of music but in no way can I complain about that, though. It doesn’t matter. I’m truly happy and sincerely honoured to be able to say that people do download my music, some still buy CD’s (thankfully!) at places like HMV, etc. and have it make them happy. I’m truly happy for that.
That being said…. if you’d like to download my new song “Dirt Road In ‘Em” because you like it and it makes you feel good n’ happy then I would be much, much appreciative. Here’s the link.

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Thank you for reading and THANK YOU for the support over the years!

The take away?

Approach your music career with the right attitude, commitment and discipline needed to continually polish your skills and attain the success you are hoping for. The music industry isn’t easy; there is no magic template for success. The only constant is the time and energy you put into advancing your career through learned and practised skills. Explore resources, reach out to people you admire, make connections and most important make the music you love!

Enjoy ‘Light It Up” from Aaron: