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Sebastian Van Hemert

Singer Songwriter

Name: Sebastian Van Hemert

Stage Name: VHS

Age: 16

Birthplace: Pasadena, California

Bio: I lived in Redondo Beach, California when I was little. In 2008, my mom decided to take me to Lima, Peru, where I stayed for the next seven years. I always loved music, but my passion for it grew when I was in Lima. There, I learned how to play the guitar. I was also exposed to all sorts of new genres. In November 2015, my mother and I moved back to Los Angeles, it's been hard ever since. My song submitted, Teenage Routine, expresses the struggle I'm currently facing with my new lifestyle. I wrote it and produced it myself, enjoy!

Full Bio: (link attached)

Teenage Routine

Teenage Routine

Teenage Routine

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