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Joshua Purnell

Singer Songwriter

Just a guy chasing my dream. Ive come a long way and still have quite a ways to go. I just sing what I feel; music is how I process life. 

If you wanna know me, listen to my music.  Its all in there. 

Basic Info and random fun facts

Name: Joshua Purnell

Age: 25

hometown: Norfolk, Va 

Musical Influences: Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, James Morrison, Amos Lee, Ray Lamontagne, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Justin Nozuka, Brian McKnight... and so many more! 

Favorite Color: yellow

Biggest fear: commitment!  jk... heights 

Favorite smell: warm summer rain

Favorite fruit: Pineapples 

anything else you wanna know just ask me on social media =) 


You give me somthing/ sunday morning mash up(Cover)



Fast car/ closer Mashup(cover)


Ordinary People(Cover)

Sunday Morning (cover)

Heart Strings

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