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Shay Lynn


                       Shay Lynn: Lead Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

  Shay Lynn started singing/writing songs and playing guitar when she was 7 years old. Shay Lynn has had a dream from the age of 7 to be in the spotlight and have a country music career. Shay Lynn married an amazing man and the drummer of The Dusty Backroads Band in Jan 2018.

  Shay Lynn & Robert are currently in the process of getting a recording contract. We have a demo CD with all original songs recorded to Promote to Nashville and surrounding areas. Shay Lynn's Single’s including "No Memory" are currently being aired on Indie Radio in 50 states & 43 Countries.

  Her song "No Memory" has been spotlighted on Women Of Substance Radio, Big Time Radio & Poze Radio, Loz Radio, WAAK 94.7 FM Radio with Phil Kranz, & The Yankie & Brit Radio Show just to name a few!Fan Reviews:  I have many people I call my Idols. The list could go on forever. Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Janis Joplin, Linda Ronstadt and so many more. But my biggest influences are Wynonna Judd and Miranda Lambert.

Robert Wiechert: Drummer

Robert has been playing drums for 20+ years. He started playing drums at 13 years old, he has played music ranging from thrash/death metal to country & some blues. Over the years he has shared the stage with many great musicians, traveled the country touring.

Robert has also shared the stage with Toby Keith in New Mexico in 2003. He has had the privilege of opening shows for the Dixie Chicks, Kenny Chesney & Lone star to name a few of them!

  In May of 2017 he started dating his soon to be wife Shay Lynn, they got married in Jan 2018. Robert has a dream of making Shay Lynn's dreams come true. With his extensive background in the music business and the people/connections he knows over the years, he is destined to make her music come to life and to be heard by millions.


Shay Lynn & The Dusty Backroads Band,

Signed on with Echota Records USA 05/24/2018

Echota Records USA

  Echota Records is a small North Georgia USA Independent label with the purpose of promoting a few artists who record the songs we write here. We also have a band called "The Higher Ground Band" which records and promotes songs written by our band members. Contact us for more info about our artists and the songs available for radio airplay.

Departed from Echota Records USA

August 7, 2018

Venues of appearances:

2017 Nebo Music Festival Payson, UT

2017 Utah State Fair Salt Lake City, UT

Wee Blu Inn Payson, UT

Salt Creek Lounge Nephi, UT

Black Jacks Spanish Fork, UT

Timpanogos Tavern Heber City, UT

Upcoming Events:

Timpanogos Tavern Heber City, UT

2018 Utah County Fair Spanish Fork, UT

2018 Americana Art & Music Festival American Fork, UT

2018 Utah State Fair S.L.C, UT

Shay Lynn & The Dusty Backroads Band /

EPK Press Kit

 “Shay Lynn & The Dusty Backroads Band was a featured Artist/Band for, they posted her BIO & some pictures & talked about Shays career”

The Stage - The Stage

“Shay Lynn & The Dusty Backroads Band featured on WAAK Radio Station by Phil Kranz out of Ringgold, GA. They discuss Shay Lynn's music background, her songs and the meanings of a couple of them and more.”

Phil Kranz - WAAK Radio Interview With Shay Lynn

“Shay Lynn & The Dusty Backroads Band featured on Paul Mash TV”

Paul Mash TV - Paul Mash TV Interview With Shay Lynn

“Indie Beatz Magazine article”

N/A - Indie Beatz Magazine

“Hey y'all, We have been featured in another Magazine Today. Worldwide entertainment magazine has featured us this morning! Thank you, Randy Lockhart”

Randy Lockhart - World Entertainment Magazine

Most recent Magazine: Congratulations. You have officially been featured in this upcoming issue of Poze Magazine. We now have pre-orders available. The magazine will be releasing very soon. Link to get your copy:

Shay Lynn has several upcoming dates for live Indie Radio Interviews and

Upcoming Magazine Features.


To Whom It May Concern

My name is Susan Marshall,

I am a Producer focusing on Artist Development, Artist Branding, and Artist Performance. I have over 35 years of experience in the music industry and have been mentored by many great musical minds in Nashville,TN.

I have spent countless hours in recording studios with artists of many genres helping them identify the very things about their talents that set them apart from other artists. Many times it is those assets that get an artist a recording deal. I am particular in choosing an artist to work with as many have the desire to become recording artists but do not possess the talent. I want to work with artists that not only have an awesome voice but know what to do with it in delivery whether it is in the studio or in front of a live audience. Artist, Shay Lynn was brought to my attention recently on social media and I was blown away by her many talents. She knows and understands song structure as well as points of delivery. The songs she writes with real life and emotion. She brings that emotion and dynamic to her performance like a Pro. I look forward to working with Shay Lynn in my studio facility along with my Co-Producer, Spike Jones and Arranger, Tony Migliore. It is our hope to produce a ten song album on Shay Lynn, all her own original material, and to help prepare her for a tour to follow. I will shop the recordings of Shay Lynn to various record labels in hopes of securing a lease for her ten song master album and a budget for marketing and distribution worldwide. Shay Lynn is garnering a huge fan base all around the world. It is impressive how she handles and juggles all the marketing and promotion on her own. Shay Lynn has never had the opportunity to work with the caliber of musicians, producers, and engineers that we are offering to her.

I love and respect her talents and believe that Shay Lynn has the ability to not only write but to record an awesome album that will be well received by her fans and will greatly increase her following worldwide. With the right budget behind her, Shay Lynn can concentrate on her talents, writing songs, performing, doing interviews and promotional tours, etc, etc. There are industry standards set up for repayment of money invested in music albums. I am more than happy to share those with any investor that is interested in investing in Shay Lynn. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I will be swift in answering. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Most Sincerely,

Susan Marshall


  Beautiful voice and talented song writer, great heart, love her songs - Lars Hancock

  That just became my favorite of all time, Patsy was the greatest and your tribute is the best ever. - Lars Hancock

  Great unique voice. Love your new song cowgirl! The melody is unique and awesome! - Christin Linnea

  Shay Lynn is one of the many talented folks that will be played on our show tonight Friday evening 04/13/18 “THE WORLDS GREATEST INTERNATIONAL INDIE OPRY” - Jerry Mac

  Hello doll! For some reason I couldn’t comment on your live video. But I wanted to tell you, you sound WONDERFUL! I love that you and your husband have a band together, just like I do (except I’m on bass and he’s on guitar)… - Codian Lambros

  This should be on the radio this is excellent, I love it; Shay Lynn has a great voice. - Alan Jack Evans

Praying’ for Rain (Cover) Facebook Link:

  I never heard of the singer Raelyn before. I thought that was your writer not a cover song Prayin for rain. I listened to her version on YouTube. She sounds pop I don't know if she's supposed to be country or not but I like your version better way better. You sound more country with the southern twain and better voice. Good job! And your melody is better. I have expert ears  That's an awesome melody with a great voice. I want to buy your album or CD I mean. I love your melodies. I'm going to share it to my page - Christin Linnea

Beautiful! – Kelly Quilter

  Mind if I share? - Mechelle Cebrowski

  Pretty damn awesome!!! - Greg Lohmyer

  Officially my favorite of yours! – JJ Monville

  Like this one best of all so far... did you guys write Prayin' for Rain? – Barbara Hornbeck Simmon

  Pretty darn good – Dee Tackett

  I've been taking a sneak peek at your page. Very impressive I have to say. Best wishes to you on your musical journey. - Tommy Lee Moffat                                                                                                                                                 

Unlove You (Cover) Facebook Link:

 This song so perfect I love it, I want to come and hear you sing so bad but it’s so hard to get to salt lake love you guys – Gayle Ledbetter

  Amazing like always – Claudia Roylance Byington 

  Hay can I have a cd? – Billy Ford

 Morning from Scotland, I will include a track in my show on Tuesday 15th at 2200-0000 BST

We are now airing on Indie Radio in 43 other countries. We're in all 50 States in the US on Indie Radio.

Amazing y'all!

Willin (Cover) Facebook Link:

  Love this. You two are amazing – Dollie Ann Broadhead

  I think she sounds a lot better than Miranda I love the way she sings her songs. Just love You girl Hugs! You do I love your voice I can understand the words your singing and I feel the words in my heart – Gayle Ledbetter

@countryboy on Twitter

Hey y'all, don't forget to vote. This is a UK indie radio station. Just click on the link. It then takes you to their pg. Click in menu. It opens to vote for your favorite contestant. Scroll down and vote for the Artist that y'all like. Including me. Thanks y'all



Radio stations in Belgium. Just keeps going over sea’s. It’s a blessing to know that the other countries are liking, playing and requesting our music. Have a great day y'all!!

LOZ Radio

April 22 at 9:30am 

Come join Mechelle for our first Countdown Results Show on today. Eric CantrellJack SurberRylee NicholsonShavonne Aliphon, Erick Florence, Don HaddockJosh KehrElvis CardenLissa HartBuddy EugeneJimmy ParkerJimmy GibsonShay LynnDaren HaynesKaroline RhettTamanie DoveMargie Mathers, , Hub Reynolds Jr.Kayla IutzwigAdam NultonLars JohnssonJon Scharphorn,

A List of just some of the Indie Radio Stations airing our music:

BTR - Big time radio is an International & Worldwide indie radio station that started airing our song No Memory in April 2017

Lonely Pak Radio - Is an Indie radio station based out of California, Stared airing our song No Memory in 2017 shortly after BTR.

LOZ Radio - Is a very Large Syndicated Indie Radio sation, that had stations in four states. All stations are airing our music since March 2018. We have also been on the chart topping countdown for #1 song and made #13 on the countdown charts.

American Country Nights Radio - Indie Radio Station located in Fremont, Nebraska. Has been airing our Music Since April 2017

Chasin Ur Dream Radio- Is a Indie Radio Station out of Phoenix, Arizona: Have been Airing our Music since April of 2017

The Yankie & Brit Radio Show: Aired August 18, 2018

There are over Approx: Over 100 Indie radio stations airing our Music World Wide. There are too many to list here. Were we’re featured Artists in the stage magazine Feb 2018

Most recent Magazine: Congratulations. You have officially been featured in this upcoming issue of Poze Magazine. We now have pre-orders available. The magazine will be releasing very soon. Link to get your copy:

We have been featured in Indie Music Magazine Feb 2018

We have been featured in WorldEntertainmentMagazine 2018

Randy Lockhart


Online Magazine showcasing Indie Artists, Comedy, Dance, Theatre, plus many more

Delta, British Columbia

Shay Lynn & the Dusty Backroads Band was recently featured on WAAK Radio 94.7FM The Blackdog Morning Show 6-1-18 with radio host Phil Kranz. A radio station out of Chattanooga, TN. The link for this interview is:

I am Jason Jones, owner and operator of Art City Sound. I’ve worked with hundreds of bands over the last decade, and I’ll happily say that working with Shay Lynn and her band was truly a treat. Here are a few of the things I enjoyed most.

1. Both Shay Lynn and all of her band members showed up on time.

2. What’s even better is they showed up prepared to do what had to be done.

3. They got in, performed as they should, and got out.

4. They allowed me to work at my best and were actively part of the whole process.

Shay Lynn is probably on my top five list of efficient artists, too. They didn’t pay much for a great product because they were always prepared and ready to do their part. My gut feeling is that Shay Lynn and her band are primed to go places in the music world because apart from everything above, their music is great!

--Jason Jones

Queen of Country

Souped Up Purple Truck

She’s a Cowgirl

Run, Run, Run Little Girl

No Memory

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