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Julie Rouge


Singer Wannabe, Dreamer and Books lover.

For all my life i always wanted to sing. It is the air that i breath, the water that i drink and everything around me.
I find it in all the things around me....but most important i find my reason of singing in the people i love.I sing for myself. For nobody and everybody. Singing is the only means i know that helps me being understood by people, knowing me, better than words.

I want to reach the sky, i want to scream and sing everything. I want to make my dream came true, and i will do it .I never had a singing lesson in my life. So i am not very good. What i have is a strong will, or so i hope.  Yotube: 

“Boogie Wonderland” Cover – Earth, Wind & Fire

Inuyasha’s Lullaby – Inuyasha Cover

“Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift

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