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Meilee Tal


My name is Meilee

I am a singer and also write ,compose my on songs andperforms (mostly in English )

I also study drama for 5 years already.


I can speak fluently English due to the fact she study inAmerican school, can speak Hebrew and Chinese. ( I can perform and act in this3 languages as well )


I also model and already did around 70 catalogs, fashionshows, advertisements etc


I  was part of unique project that related to the NinthPresident of Israel,  Mr. Shimon Peres , I Performance Chinese poem writtenby Mr. Peres and speak a speech in English and Chinese in big media event thatwas holding in Israel, also among the performance I took part at, I performedin Israel few times , together with Chinese singer named  XUCHI 徐池,in Chinses and English ( my original song ) .


I wish to be an actress and singer and I invest a lotof time and efforts to fulfill this wish.


Since now I publish few covers and I am working on my firstsingle

“Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift – cover by Meilee Tal


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