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Julie pelz


My name is Julie Pelz I'am mainly a singer but I have been experimenting with playing instruments as well as i sing right now i'm playing the piano and guitar i wanna learn the cello and violin soon.

I'am starting to practise cover songs and i'm pretty much teaching myself how to play my instruments. When i was a kid at a young age i loved music and loved singing i always told my family i was gonna be a country singer i loved country as a child. When i was 10 i seen the movie selena and that movie touched my heart made me feel more motivated to do music it was an amazing movie. My mom and dad bought me a karaokee machine at 10 and i practised singing on it every single day was my favorite thing to do even after school i couldn't wait to go home and practise. I stopped singing for a while went through an extremely hard time in my life with my family and my boyfriend at the time. I discovered this is my talent and its helping me move on and healing me to make music. It's healing my soul and my heart. I heart you music you touch people!

Song riff off

Cello sing along

Cover song sad, beaitiful, tragic

Cover song to good to be you

Cover song letting go

Cover song knocking on heavens door

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