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RIDICULAS TRIXX is an all original rock band from Oswego, KS 
With their powerhouse lead singer Ronneca Lynn, they give you HARD RRAAWWKKIIN with a metal attitude, hardcore vocals deep to the bone sending chills to your very soul! RIDICULAS TRIXX with an alternative/rock flavor, sounding like HEART and HALESTORM with whispers of EVANESCENCE and grit of JANIS JOPLIN in a Tsunami. 
You'll want to GETCHA SOME!!! 

RIDICULAS TRIXX has been performing for the past two years and is building a fan base all over the United States/UK/and Abroad! They have been featured in Dat Wave Magazine, and a well known/popular magazine in the UK- STENCIL MAGAZINE. Their music can be heard on internet and FM radio stations all over the United States and they are also airing on Wigan FM and WRFN 102.5 in the UK! Ridiculas Trixx was also featured in Midwest Mayhem Promotion as quoted by writer , Anna McDougal, "Ronneca’s bluesy, sultry old school rock voice draws you in with a touch of grit. Musically it ebbs and flows between different genres for each song, fitting amidst the lyrics like a glove. 
RIDICULAS TRIXX was also featured in E-Magazine and on the Discovery Series with Ryan Reedy and has been interviewed on many radio stations such as : MVR Military Veterans Radio, ITNS Radio, The DJ Dani Show, The Paul Mash Show , and many more. RIDICULAS TRIXX music has been in Top 10 , Top 25, Top 100 song charts on Museboat Radio, SRPW Radio, The Best of Paul Mac Show and many more to name a few. 
You never know what they are coming up with next, as they are constantly pushing genre boundaries to new heights, improving, with every song and show, they keep you definately wanting more! 
RIDICULAS TRIXX first CD/Album release and tour will be coming in 2017 with a 10 song and bonus single! They eventually want to do a tour in the UK, as they have created quite the fanbase there. Many more things is sure to come from this band, and they are limitless as to what they come up with next. You definately want to keep up to date with RIDICULAS TRIXX , as they plan to RRAAWWKK your world!

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