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Paleo Sun


Paleo Sun, a project led by Sai Collins (Vocals, Guitar) together with Sunny Cordilleras (World Percussion) and Zach Foust (Drums) delivers Alternative, Roots, Folk Rock and Reggae vibes. Paleo Sun’s new EP  “sOulrizon Unplugged” is a jovial, upbeat, acoustic and completely soulful, melodious life-walk set to song, and heartfelt prose. Whether it is the polished studio recordings or the phenomenal spaces of joy they create with their rustic street sounding performances, there is a profound intention inside this music that will resonate with the innate truth and spirit of every heart incarnate. Paleo Sun is one of those bands that is a true find and makes you want to hear more and more. They are more than just a collective of excellent musicians; they are also an inspiration to those of us wanting to leave this planet we’re inhabiting better off than we found it. #Roots #Rock #ReggaeVersion

Water Won’t Drown Me

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