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Hi my name is Chelsea Thomas and my stage name is Mari. I ama new artistic singer, with a melodic voice that brings forth a unique presencewith the music I create. I taught myself how to play the piano at the age of 4,and song writing naturally followed by the age of 10. Singing in the highschool choir and performing at Vibe Performing Arts Studio gave me an opportunityto stretch my singing talents.  Carryingmy passion for music over to college was an easy decision; there I startedproducing my own music. I successfully landed a job as an intern for KJLH. Someof my inspirations are Florence and the Machine, Enya, and Erykah Badu. I justreleased a single called  “Harder”. Mysingle is compiled of emotional words that tug at the heart of anyone who’sever dabbled in love. My lyrics and the composition of the beats work togetherin harmony. I brought “Harder” to life with a raw and persistent passion formusic. 


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