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Harmony Theresa Harper

Singer Songwriter

Harmony Theresa Harper, formily Kiefer has been singing since the tender age of 5 !! She has written and recorded many songs and has performed live on 97.7 a radio station in Delaware, and in front of tv cameras and a crowd of 3000+ an accapella song she wrote in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedies called YOU CAN'T KILL THE AMERICAN SPIRIT...She has been at the top of the Reverbnation Country artist chart for Athens GA for  many months and has recently climbed into the top 20 artists across all genres for Athens Ga...

She sings in a huge varitey of styles and loves many types of music.. Harmony was raised by her grandparents and grew up listening to music which spans the 20's through todays music... even so she is still just the girl next door... loves people and cares deeply for those people...

Babylon A Capella

Destiny Of Sacrifice

Every Time You Dream Of Me

No More Blue Or Grey

New England Shores

I Don’t Care

I Could Cry

My Daddy’s Eyes

With You Beside Me

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