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Alex Hinsch, known professionally as Moxiyouth, was born in 1989 to a middle class family in Point Place, Ohio.  His father, William, is an artist  and illustrator responsible for co-developing the corporate learning map.  From a young age, Hinsch had access to Mac computers, and several creative software programs, because of his fathers profession.  One of the programs he experimented with in his early teenage years was the Apple music making program, Garageband.  Garageband offered stock music samples and short instrumental riffs that could be used to create original compositions.  "I would arrange samples into music arrangements, and sing my own lyrics and melody over it." says Hinsch.
After about a year of making music this way,  Hinsch pursued interest in learning how to play the guitar, and studied some music theory.  At the age of 17 he started a band called 'Marky Strange' with his brother Nick Hinsch, and friends. The band toured across the eastern United States, opening for groups such as Candlebox, Cold, Hed Pe. and Mushroom Head.  After 7 years of touring, and 2 albums with the band, Hinsch dropped 'Marky Strange' as his primary focus, but the band still gets together and records material.  They are releasing an album in 2017.  
In 2015 Hinsch began to concentrate on producing and studio work.  He built a home recording studio and studied music production for 3 years.  At the age of 26, Hinsch launched his own production and licensing company 'Collective Mind Studio.'  He also currently continues study at Lourdes University in Sylvania Ohio in music marketing.  Hinsch releases his current solo material under the name 'Moxiyouth'. 

The first Moxiyouth album is a collaboration between Hinsch and former band mate Spencer Legros (known professionally as Legrow).  The album "Glass city" is a combination of songs Hinsch wrote with his brother, Nick and Spencer Legros during touring years, as well as brand new songs written by Hinsch this year.  Although some of the material was written several years ago, all songs were recorded by Hinsch and Spencer Legros at the same studios, in the same period of time to produce a solid body of work.  The new tracks are co-written with Legros and have a slightly different demeanor than the old material.

Hinsch says that the next Moxiyouth album after "Glass City" will be a collaboration with someone else.  Hopefully his brother.  Moxiyouth seems to be becoming a re-incarnation of Marky Strange in some ways.  Except Hinsch remains a solo artist who features other artists in his work.  Two of the those artists just happen to be guys he's been involved with in past projects.  Hinsch considers his new work to be in the genre of 'alternative blues/pop music.'  Theres nothing to compare it to specifically, but its similar in ways to other modern alternative groups like 'Kings of Leon' 'The Black Keys' and 'The Arctic Monkeys'.

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