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Erkin Osmanli (born 18 February, 1989 in Baku, Azerbaijan), known by his stage name Erkin Love, is a singer-songwriter, performing artist, poet, lyricist, and writer.

He started his singing career at the age of 17 in 2006, and is most famous as contestant of Akademiya reality show, aired on Lider TV, as well as Eurovision Song Contest National Finals in his home country.

In September, 2006 Erkin successfully passed all three stages of Akademiya Reality Show to make it to the finals, hosted by national artist Brilliant Dadashova, and including numerous celebrity guests as judges. Prior to finals Aygün Kazımova showed strong desire to work with Erkin, however he chose Elnarə Xəlilova instead. Though initially considered an outsider, due to his passion to rock music, which was not popular in Azerbaijan, eventually he finished 5th, leaving the project one week prior to the final. Nonetheless, despite being the youngest contestant, and representing underground music genre, he managed to be the most popular contestant, and quickly became the talk of the town. His performances received huge acclaim by the audience, while some local pop singers recorded rock songs due to growth of popularity of the genre after Erkin's appearances.

In 2007 he managed to become one of the 5 candidates to represent Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 for the very first time. However, by early 2008 he decided to withdraw from the contest. In 2011 Erkin Love made another try to represent Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, only to be knocked out at the group stage by the eventual winner Sabina Babayeva. His final attempt to represent Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 ended on 3 March, 2014, when he lost the battle to Dilara Kazimova and finished 3rd on Böyük Səhnə show in Kiev, Ukraine.

In 2012 Erkin Love had a joint gig with singer-songwriter Safael at Baku Jazz Center, performing his original songs for the first time in public.

In 2015 Erkin moved to New York City to pursue his career. On May 12, 2016 he released his first single "Taylor the Tailor (Song for Taylor Swift)". The lyrics of the song are made using 22 song titles of Taylor Swift, whom the song is dedicated to. The music video was shot in Quba, Azerbaijan. His second single "Strong" (Say No to Terror) was released on May 20, 2016. The lyric video was shot in Manhattan, New York.

Though initially rising to fame as an alternative rock artist, Erkin broadened his musical tastes after Akademiya Reality Show. While mainly considered as pop rock artist, he also works with other genres, such as country, dance, RnB, alternative, etc. In his hometown he became famous as flamboyant, versatile, and charismatic performer, whose musical taste and personal style has always been appreciated by local journalists, celebrities, and fans. He appeared in several high-profile magazines and websites, such as Baku, Ok!, 1news in his native Azerbaijan.

In addition to songwriting and singing, Erkin was also involved in advertising industry, where he served as a copywriter, creating numerous namings, slogans, and TV commercials for famous and new local brands.

In 2014 he released a short film I Found You based on his poem, starring Dilara Kazimova and her partner.


As lead artist

"Taylor the Tailor (Song for Taylor Swift)" - Single (2016) "Strong" (Say No to Terror) - Single (2016)

As songwriter

Nina Zizic - "Kiss You Goodbye" (2016) 

Elnur Memmedov - "Feels So Right" (2015) 

Malek Adele - "Inside Your Soul" (2014) 

Miri Yusif - "Yay" (2012) 

ALIGEE feat. Azerilife Inc - "Earthquake On the Dancefloor" (2011)

“Strong” (Say No to Terror)

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