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Ashley Archer


Hi I'm Ashley Archer. I'm a Female Country / Pop singer originally from Bozemon, Montana, but I currently live in Minneapolis, MN. Music is my #1 passion and I've been singing since I was a little girl. My 3 biggest influences are Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Beyonce. I'm currently working on recording my debut EP release with producer, Brandon Daly :) I currently work a day job as a permanent-cosmetics specialist, AKA I tattoo eyebrows onto people's faces. And I love what I do, because I love art in all aspects, however, I would love for nothing more than to take my music career to the next level! 

Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver Cover) ft. Brandon Daly

Church Bells (Carrie Underwood Cover – Original Remix)

Not In That Way (Sam Smith Cover)

Love on the Brain (Rihanna Cover)


Church Bells (Carrie Underwood Cover)

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