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Damon Delacruz


Damon Delacruz originally from Labelle, Florida, growing up in the small town of Lehigh Acres, Florida, was surrounded by music as early as he could remember. At nine years old, he asked for an acoustic guitar and his father thinking it was a phase bought him his first Yamaha acoustic guitarDamon started acoustic guitar lessons with the best Christopher D. Corridino. He began getting comfortable and it came naturally to him, he has now upgraded to his electric acoustic Fender guitar. Damon is growing into his voice and picking style, his inspiration comes from a wide range of country music artist, and can cover a range of songs.Currently a solo acoustic act, he hopes to one day share the stage with talented musicians.

Cole Swindell–Middle of a Memory–cover song

Cover of Michael Ray-Think a Little Less

Cover Song-Jake Owen-American Country Love Song

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