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Kenny Peters


...Music..the never ending universal language of my heart....still searching for the answers....

My name is Kenny Peters, and I've been singing for what seems like an eternity.   In all actuality, for me, it has been, as my first memories revolve around the beauty of music.  I was 5, and heard "Rainy Days  & Mondays" in the car with my mom.  It was the sound of Karen Carpenter's wonderful alto voice reaching out of the radio and seeming to only sing to me. I was hooked.

I'm always looking for ways to share what I do, and sing a lot of covers and am working on an original album, have put out a few singles from it to good reception..more to come!

Please Remember Me (Cover)


Proud (Cover)

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (Cover)

State of Independence (Cover)

Where Ever You Will Go (Cover)


You’ll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine) – (Cover)

Road Ode (Cover)

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