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Hyper Zenith


HYPER ZENITH is a Tampa, Florida based Heavy Metal project founded by singer/songwriter Buddy Zappa.

Johnny Chouinard guitar.... Thomas Hansberry bass.... Matt drums.....

The music is a mix of classic and current influences similar to Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, & Avenged 7 Fold...

It festures drummer Bobby Rondinelli formerly of Black Sabbath & Rainbow...... guitarist Glen Drover formerly of Megadeth...... drummer Rhino formerly of Manowar..... drummer Jeramie Kling of The Absence.... guitarist Dana Walsh of American Fix.....

Recorded at Mediawolf Studio, St. Pete, Florida, USA.

Vert Da Furk (Vent)

Vert da Furk (Vent)

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