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The Steel Silk Band


The idea of a band that play's music that few bands play nor heard on the radio much these day's was the premise of The Steel Silk Band. The band was founded in early 2014 with the intent of performing some of the top songs from some of the biggest artist's from the 60's to today.The band is comprised of 9 of some of the top musicians & vocalist's from the New York area with each member bringing energy & accuracy to each song.

Steel Silk is sure you will be surprised at what your hearing,so get ready to bring back some of your fondest memories of yester-year. Covering songs from classic rock-motown-R&B-pop-country & much more. Some of the artist's we cover are

Billy Joel,Whitney Houston,Styx,Donna Summer. You never know what you'll hear from The Steel Silk Band

Come Sail Away

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

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