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JoJo Mac

Singer Songwriter

                                                       JOJO MAC – BIO

 JoJo Mac, beautifuland talented singer and songwriter, adds to the copious Talents, which hailfrom the parish of Clarendon in Jamaica West Indies.  She has lived in the United States (U.S.) formost of her life, and can tackle any music genre; however, she will admit thatshe has never strayed from her reggae roots. In 2002, JoJo met the late SirClement “Coxone” Dodd, who was so impressed by her creativity and style that herecorded a song with her the very first day they met by way of introduction byReggae veteran Ernest Wilson.  Sherecorded 22 songs of which she wrote 20 in an eight month period.  Two singles, “Good Girl Go Bad” an original,and a cover “Victim” originally done by Candi Staton, were released during themaking of the impending album. Unfortunately, the album was never released dueto Coxone’s passing. 

 Determined to notlet a setback keep her from pursuing her career in the music industry, back inthe U.S., JoJo continued her pursuit by singing in nightclubs and opening formajor acts in the reggae industry, capturing the attention of every audienceshe encounters leaving them gratified. JoJo has the tenacity to displayversatility on any genre of rhythmic grooves and has a knack for being one withthe beat. As a performer she is electricity personified and has a commandingway about her with an “in your face” delivery of her songs and songs from otherartists. She never ceases to mesmerize her audience, small or large, garneringtheir full attention.  JoJo Mac hasshared stage with the likes of Beenie Man, Shabba Ranks, Marcia Griffiths andmany more of the top Reggae Acts. She recently shared the stage with CubaGooden Sr. of the group Main Ingredient. She was recently the only Reggae actat the Philadelphia Latin Festival, an annual event.

JoJo Mac is a brandand she wears many hats.  She was thehost of a cable television show, Reggae On The Move” in Washington DC, while atthe same time writing for a Baltimore newspaper “Caribbean Connection,” givingadvice to the lovelorn in a weekly column called “Issues of the Heart.” ThePhiladelphia resident is currently a news correspondent for several radiostations across the US and the United Kingdom. Her voice has also been used forvoice-overs.  Despite her many talentsand experiences, she would be quick to point out that her first love is singingand performing. She is an avid songwriter who either wrote or co-wrote all of thesongs for her Debut Album/CD “Superstar” released digitally in October 2011.  The spin-off album titled “Superstar Reloaded”was her next release. An official video for the track “Forget Him” was releasedfollowed by a video for the track “Girls Night Out Weekend Remix” along with acouple of hot reggae and dancehall tracks with Chaka Demus, of which one tracktakes the number three spot on the album...”I’m In Love” with Chaka Demus wentto Number One on the New York Foundation Reggae charts and Number 3 on TheSouth Florida Reggae Chart.  She wasvoted Top Female Artist of the Year for 2013 on The New York Foundation ReggaeCharts as well…….In July 2014 she became the third member ofGrammy-winning,  roots reggae group BlackUhuru. In 2015 Pickout Records released a single “Dread Out Deh”, originallydone by Joy White, which gave JoJo Mac her first real International buzz. Inthe summer of 2015 she released her first book; a novel titled “Secrets: Mixedup Moods and Deadly Attitudes”. In 20 14 she recorded a cover of the Joy WhiteOriginal Dread Out Deh which is currently making trails for the singer and peakedat number two on the New York foundation Reggae Chart. She was voted Top FemaleArtist of The Year for 2015 on that same chart ….but that’s not all there is toJoJo Mac ….In July of 2015 she added another title to her name “Author”, whenshe published her first book, a fictional novel titled “Secrets: Mixed up Moodsand Deadly Attitudes”.  JoJo Mac alsowent on a one month U.S. tour with Black Uhuru in 2015. Fast forward to 2016;Smartkid Records gets in the mix and released JoJo Mac’s “War” on the MajesticRiddim . JoJo Macis definitely on her way to the top and there is no turning back for theSinger, Songwriter, Author, News Presenter and Radio Show Producer. She is aforce to reckon with.


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