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Native to the First American Colonial  lands of Virginia, remaining kin of Nat Turners blood line. J Deuce Millon Dollar voice is here for The Awakening of the masses. Defined as "Apocalyptic Hip Pop". Spending over a decade in Tokyo  he made his way to the top of Japan's large hip-hop scene and Has brushed shoulders and has been apart of many tours with many celebrities as named; Chris Brown, Yung Joc, T-Pain, Cierra, MadeNTyo, Neyo, 24hours,The Game, and many more. Also professional dancer and BBoy he lights up any stage with his acrobatic performances. 

Tupac Cover Hail Mary End of Times Armageddon Bars

Eye of the Storm Interlude (2016-17 weather predictions)

Eminem Hi My Name is Cover (Weed Parody)

Mr. CongressMan (I’ve Seen)

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