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In January of2016, at 22 years old, an unplanned trip to the emergency room resulted in my diagnosisof Type 1 Diabetes. Receiving this diagnosis during what was supposed to be mylast semester as an undergraduate student majoring in Biology with a minor inChemistry was not easy. Over the last few months I have been learning andadjusting to life as a diabetic. This diagnosis revealed a desire within me tolearn as much as I can about my disease for the improvement of my life as wellas the lives of others. My desire to become a medical doctor becomesstrengthened with every passing day and with every healthcare professional Iencounter. I truly believe going to medical school will enable me theopportunity to hone my skills and solidify my academic knowledge as I becomethe best doctor I can be.

You might bewondering where music fits into this complicated equation? During all four yearsI spent in college I was a member of an acapella singing group known as the“Kent Clarks”. We rehearsed 3 nights a week for a total of 7 hours per week.This extracurricular activity was mainly passion based as I love anything andeverything about music and being a part of this group gave me my most memorablecollege moments. In 2014, the Kent Clarks performed at the White House forPresident Barack Obama and the First Lady in Washington D.C. and on the TodayShow in New York City. These two events that I consider once-in-a-lifetimemoments taught me the value of motivation, preparation, and hard work. I havebeen playing acoustic guitar for around 12 years and I absolutely love being onstage. If the field of healthcare did not exist I wholeheartedly believe Iwould be a musician.

                Thiswas my mindset for the majority of my life, to me, it felt as if I had tochoose to be one or the other, musician or medical doctor. One day I decided tostart believing in myself and from that day forward I realized that I amskilled, driven and focused enough to be able to excel at both! Using a philosophyI first heard from a man named Jim Rohn, I decided to believe it was possiblefor me to work full-time on my career as a medical doctor and part time on myfortune, not fortune as in money, but the wealth of joy I receive when I am ableto spread my story and my message. The joy I get that comes from spread musicwith substance, with lyrics that get stuck in your head and make you better,shift your perspective, knock down barriers, and create connections can’t evenbe compared to money. I believe the struggles I’ve been through as someoneplaced in an academic system that didn’t always cater to my passion and what Idid to overcome these obstacles is unique and my advice may change the lives ofmany. My vision is my music, my music is my life, and not even diabetes canstop me. My music exists because I exist; I am here to encourage, educate andinspire people,  and to let them knowthey too can have it all.

Something Else Entirely (S.E.E.)

Pacificity (Thanksgiving Politics)


Romantic Telepathy (Original)

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