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Micah J


​Micah J is a vocalist, guitarist, pianist, songwriter, and dancer who has been writing his own music and performing since before the year 2000.  An enthusiast for both music & dance as well as martial arts. Micah's time is dedicated to the pursuit of improving his mind, body and soul.  


Micah J toured with two other Nashville recording artists during the Summer of 2013 and had the opportunity to open for Darryl Worley, Craig Morgan, James Otto, and Scotty McCreery.

G Blues Shred

I’ve Got To Get Away – by Micah J

I Heard Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye Cover by Micah J

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay – Ottis Redding Cover by Micah J

Micah J – Live at McConnell Hall (Full Session)

What You Need To Know (Acoustic)

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