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Sam Rowbotham


Sam Rowbotham is a CountrySinger-songwriter, raised and residing in Collingwood, Ontario.

Sam has always had a love formusic and performing. From building concert stages with Lego’s and listening tohis dad’s old records as a kid. Growing up started playing guitar and singingin church and at family functions, to eventually playing in the school band andstarting a band with friends in high school.

Growing up in small town Ontario hadan effect on the music played. When he started writing, he tried to find himself in other genres because his parents listened to country and wanted to gohis own way. But the more he tried the more he realized that country music wasin his roots. It is a part of who he is. Being raised on a radio diet of AlanJackson, Randy Travis, Garth Brooks, and Brad Paisley mixed with many othergenre influences has led to the sound you here today.

Sam takes great pride in writingsongs about life and the things that inspire him and hopes that will reflect inthe music that people hear. After a recent vacation to Nashville and watchingthe same titled T.V show he is now inspired and focused on bringing his passionfor music, faith, and life to anyone who will listen along.

Today – Brad Paisley

Summer Sun

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