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David Cueva Garcia

Singer Songwriter

My name is David Cueva Garcia.

I am originaly from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.

When i turned 15 i moved from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta ,were i started my profession as an entretainer.

I have been writting songs since i was 13,but it was not untill i had the oportunity to come to canada(JASPER ALBERTA) when my music started to be really apreciated.

I have been in canada since December last year and i already played in : CANADA DAY ,AND THE JASPER MUSIC FOLK FESTIVAL.

My songs all talk about something that actually happened in my life...wich makes me sing them every time with a lot of love and passion.

Enjoy and sing....sing till you die,

I love this girl

Always in your life

Tell me what you want.

I love this girl

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