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Steve Major


Steve Major, is a young artist hailing from Canada. With the release of his new album 'UNDOING', Major hopes to hit new heights with his already well rounded and budding career in the entertainment industry. He has been entertaining audiences of all ages for over 18 years. He is a diverse performer with a resume that covers starring roles in musical theatre, roles in film and commercials, an international album release through DEP/Universal Music, and hosting Canada's very own reality television series / original music competition "LOCAL LIVE CANADA™". "Writing music, recording it, and then having the chance to get up onstage and share it with people is something I've always loved to do. This new album (solo album) is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time,” said Major, who is no stranger to the recording studio. His first recording gig in '98 which was a product of Sony Music Canada was a children s album. Other projects soon followed including an international album release through DEP/Universal Music for the duo 'ST.Eves', which Major attributes to being the turning point in his recording journey. “I really felt it was time to do my own thing. I've been in a group setting, I've done the band thing, but now I'm honestly ready to do it on my own. Who know's, maybe one day ST.Eves will fly again", Major added.

To create "UNDOING", Major worked with several pro musicians from Toronto, as well as upcoming BMG, Maverick and BPG Music Group producer Jazzfeezy who recently finished working on the latest single from T.I titled "I Ain't Goin". All tracks were recorded by Jim Zoils at the Rose Room Studio in Downtown Toronto, Canada. The album was mixed and had additional production done by gold and mulit-platinum award winning Producer/Mixer Michael Jack who has worked with some of the greats including Nelly Furtado and Bono from U2. Major started working on "UNDOING" in 2011 and relates every song to a specific situation that has taken place in his life. The pop/rock nine song album is mostly up-tempo and houses two ballads. “My inspiration for the overall sound of this record comes from growing up listening to Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. I wanted the music to be catchy, dance-able, but carry a message that all could relate to.” Major's new album "UNDOING" is now available on iTunes worldwide among other online music retailers.

Steve is currently performing throughout Europe/Mediterranean, South Africa, and the UAE aboard Silversea's Silver Cloud until May 2017. He has been seen on stage in various theatrical roles including ROGER in "RENT" and as JOSEPH in "JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT". Other theatrical credits include: "Anything Goes", "Sweet Charity", "Oliver", "The Sound of Music", and "Brigadoon" to name a few.

Steve has rocked stages all over Canada and has performed many times internationally. His desire to sing has led him to many stages including the Dominican Republic, New York City, Las Vegas, and to a feature performance locally in Canada for promotion of CTV's Canadian Idol at the Air Canada Center. Steve’s studio recording credits include "Groove Club: Canadian Kids &Friends" with Sony Music, "ST.Eves: All That I Need" with DEP/Universal Music, "Leaving you Behind", a collaboration single with Canadian Rap Artist PHAX off of Jazzfeezy's debut album 'Jazzfezzy presents: Unveiling the Rapture', two singles - from 2011- "Checkmate!" and 2012 - "Piece of Mind". Major released "Undoing" in 2015.

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