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Brian Kelly


Born in North Carolina August 25th 1996, Brian Kelly Grant was only 7 years old when he discovered he had a voice. Singing all over the state, Brian went on to compete in school talent shows and local singing competitions such as X-factor and The Voice. Not only does he sing, but also has the talents of dancing and painting. Brian has always been multifaceted which became a stepping stone for him to produce his own music that interpreted his individual style. By straying away from social norms, music became Brian’s natural way of expressing who he is as a creator.From music to fashion,Brian has introduced himself as an artist in every social output available.In his youngest ages, Brian grew up listening to inspirational artists such as Mary J Blidge to Nirvana.These artist and their music impacted Brian’s sound as a whole.At the age of 13,Brian began his early stages of his career writing in his bedroom and eventually creating music on his phone to composing in a studio.While incorporating hip hop beats with alternative stylings and pop melodies, Brian has been determined to create a sound that broadcasts his individuality.

Growing up in a musical and multi-talented family that was frequently involved in art performances encouraged Brian to become an artist. His mother(Kamillah Dawn Grant Crawford) was in a band, taking him to rehearsals and studio sessions exposed him to the world of music. His aunt, who was a dancer,inspired and encouraged him to move rhythmically with music. Brian’s late Grandfather was a local Jazz Musician who played alongside Yusef, another Jazz musician,both popular before they passed. Growing up,Brian watched his grandfather play the piano and instantly became fascinated with the instrument. Brian taught himself to play the piano and later went on to be classical trained with the keys in highschool.


His drive to pursue his career stood out to many others and even got the attention of a music executive at Sony Records.But unfortunately, due to his age and underdevelopment, it was not the right time to take on the industry just yet. With his Mother's encouragement, he went back and began creating more, perfecting his craft. At the age of 16, Brian released his first solo project titled “Status Quo” which he wrote and produced alone. The album includes 13 songs and features artist such as FUZE, YC, HidingToBeFound,and many more. He even designed the cover art. Status Quo was released independently and distributed through Reverbnation. It went on to sale over 1,000 copies including downloads and streams. After the independent success of Status Quo, Brian went back into the studio and began writing his debut album. The album name has changed over the years and is still in some progress. On May 25th, 2016, Brian released his first EP titled “INTRODUCING” which features the lead single “Fall 4 U” that illustrates a message about a bad relationship. This EP also comes with the production from Jacob Davis and collaborations with Netherlands DJ, Qbical. The third track on INTRODUCING titled “Where Did The Night Go” won a featured spot at SXSW sponsored by WIX MUSIC. It also features “Different(Do It Well)” a song about self confidence, independence, and well...just doing you. “I know how to stay in my lane, that doesn't mean I’m afraid, I can still play the game”, Brian sings over the dubbed out track. To conclude the EP,the last track “Distance”, a timeless love song about a mystery man that Brian frequently references to in his music. Brian is currently enrolled in school at Howard University where he studies marketing, while working on his next EP and Debut album, while building an empire all on his own.

Where Did The Night Go

Fall 4 U

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