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Big frank


Roosevelt "Big Frank" Thomas was born in Bridgeton,NJ 1986. Currently he is on a path to success in the entertainment world of music. "Big Frank" is a vocalist, instrumentalist, song writer, producer, also an engineer of recording. With many talents and attributes, he sharpened his skills competing 6 years of chorus,music comp, and music theory.Creating a sound of harmony vocals mixed with street savvy lyrics. Through trials and tribulations he learned to successfully mix genres including R&B, RAP, POP, and Gospel. Being a young black male in society there are many story's, epics and struggles, untold, so "big Frank" expresses his notions through song. With his credentials he was accepted into a popular music college named "Berkley" located in Boston, Massachusetts.Currently unsigned he promotes his craft through performance at popular venues, usually booked as the undercard. 

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