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Singer Songwriter

Solaris(Chris David Oliver) is a New York Native who got his start in music at the age of 9 when he picked up his first guitar, a gift from is uncle. Then he has began writing his own music, expanding his musical ability, tastes, and horizons; playing in various bands with his best friends, learning as much as they could from each other.

He began mixing Breaks, Funk, Progressive and House back in 1998 and had played in and around Central Florida until about 2003. Since then he has concentrated more on writing and composing original works and is now looking to make a return to the scene stronger than ever. 

Best known for creating enduring, symphonic mixes that take listeners on a journey they won't soon forget, he sets himself apart as a true Mixologist. Entrancing rhythms, soothing, melodic vocals & harmonies, woven together by hooks that break so hard the crowd just can't help but set the dance floor on fire.





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