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In Conversation With Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

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Cliff talks to music superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill about choosing songs to sing, touring tips and how they stay fit for their life and careers.


Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Faith Hill

Faith Hill was born on September 21, 1967, in Jackson, Mississippi. “Wild One,” the first single from her 1993 debut album, reached No. 1 on the country music chart. She’s won Grammy Awards for Best Country Album and Best Country Female Vocal Performance. She married Tim McGraw in 1996 and they performed together on the Soul2Soul Tour, the highest grossing country music tour ever.

Tim McGraw

Born on May 1, 1967 (though some sources say 1966), in Delhi, Louisiana, Tim McGraw was one of the most popular “Young Country” stars to emerge in the 1990s. After the release of his second album in 1994, McGraw quickly began to top charts and pack arenas. With his high-pitched, rather growly voice, he became known for his ability to stir up a range of emotions with everything from jumping dance tunes to heartfelt ballads. As he remarked to David Zimmerman in USA Today, “There’s a lot of people who can pick up a guitar and sing you a great song, but there’s very few people that can tell you how they feel. That’s the main purpose of acting or doing an opera or painting or anything. It’s to tell somebody how you feel and more importantly, tell them how they feel.”

How They Met

1996 saw the successful Spontaneous Combustion tour, which featured country singer Faith Hill as the opening act. By the end of the tour, McGraw’s personal life was sizzling as well, and he asked Hill, to marry him. They were on tour at the time in Montana, and he popped the question in his dressing room, which was housed in a trailer. He later reminisced about the event in an interview with People magazine: “She said, ‘I can’t believe you’re asking me to marry you in a trailer house,’ and I said, ‘Well, we’re country singers, what do you expect?'”

Hill later accepted McGraw’s proposal by writing “yes” on a mirror in his trailer while he was on stage, and the couple married on October 6, 1996. Their first daughter, Gracie, was born in 1997, second daughter, Maggie, was born the following year, and youngest daughter Audrey was born in 2001.

Tim McGraw has also branched out into acting. He appeared in the 2004 feature film Black Cloud directed by Rick Schroder and the 2006 family drama Flicka. In a supporting role, McGraw also worked with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner in 2007’s The Kingdom. Taking on a sports drama, he starred opposite Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (2009). McGraw played a character closer to his real-life in Country Strong (2010) starring Gwyneth Paltrow. More recently McGraw starred in the movie The Shack.

Together Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are country music royalty and the new benchmark for successful celebrity relationships. Learn more about the Soul2Soul tour and Showtime special here.

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