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In Conversation with Cover Song Winner Maiah Wynne

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Cliff talks to Cover Song winner Maiah Wynne.


Maiah Wynne

Maiah Wynne is an award winning singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actress. At only 19 years old, she has mastered 10 instruments, and continues to impress her fans through the dedication and craftwork she pours into her songs and her performances.

Maiah released her 10 song EP titled “Light and Shadows” in 2016, debuting the EP with multiple performances at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, playing at the famous Beyond Cinema Studio. “Light and Shadows” is a compilation of songs Wynne crafted for different feature films, short films, and documentaries. The commissioned pieces represent genres ranging from electronic and alternative pop, to bluegrass influenced folk and even children’s music. Her single, “Monster in a Human Suit” has garnered the most attention, with critics, bloggers, and listeners commenting,
“gorgeous, haunting indie-folk, where every note and lyric penetrates deep into your skin…” “The lyrics are great and the chorus is incredible… ”, and “It’s songs like these that make this genre so powerful and beautiful.” In all, Maiah’s music has been featured in over 9 films, illuminating her ability to perform and write in various genres and from multiple emotional vistas.

In recognition of her incredible live performances and original songs, Maiah was the the winner of the Missoula Top of the Mic competition in 2016 and the Zoo Music Awards in 2014, as well as a finalist in the First Night Spotlight competition and Zoo Town Idol in 2014.

Currently Maiah is working on her first full length album and with over 100 original songs, many more albums are sure to come. Additionally, Wynne is currently collaborating with other musicians around the world on an album focused on saving the world’s coral reef ecosystem. There is no doubt that the future is very bright for this young musical phenomenon.

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